Category: Donor relations

1.4 Moves management for grassroots groups

Nurturing Relationships for Today and Years To Come-a GIFT webinar featuring Kevin Johnson January 20, 2011 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET Good fundraising is about good relationships. Learn how to make and keep more friends for your nonprofit than you ever thought possible. Join Kevin Johnson as he shares five simple questions to help guide […]

12.16 Redefining Wealth – Part 2

On Sunday Nov 21 we experimented with a new fundraiser, “Redefining Wealth, Giving Thanks” and it raised $8,500…from a crowd of only 30 people! When I first mentioned the theme to a close colleague who was slated to do the “ask,” she replied directly to me (via email): I’ll speak on the theme. But to […]

12.3 Formal vs. Informal Salutations

Dear Kim: We have an ongoing debate about the use of formal (more traditional) vs. informal salutations. Historically, our default was formal unless we knew the individual(s). My question relates to how this is trending in the non-profit sector. For example, our ED is suggesting that our default be informal, e.g.: Tom and Susan Mitchell…Dear […]

11.17 Redefining Wealth, Giving Thanks

This weekend at The Stone House, we’re doing a community event and fundraiser called “Redefining Wealth, Giving Thanks.” The inspiration came after I went to a couple of events hosted by other nonprofits in our area that were designed to cultivate donors. These are both organizations I like a lot and that we collaborate with. […]

10.14 Spice Up Your Thank You Notes

Dear Kim: You are often quoted as saying things like, “Thank before you bank,” and “The thank you note is the most important element in a donor relationship” and other pro-thank you note statements.  But how do you make a thank you note interesting?  And do donors really read them?  And what if I think […]

10.5 When exactly should you ask your donors to increase the size of their gifts?

And by how much? Kim Klein will answer all these questions and more in this interactive webinar. Get ready to raise more money from people who already give you money, and have them feeling good about their giving. October 19, 2010 10am PT $50-$150 per site, depending on your group’s budget size.  

9.16: Nurturing Relationships for Today and Years to Come

The feature article from the Sep-Oct 2010 Grassroots Fundraising Journal by Kevin Johnson. Good fundraising is about good relationships. Board members and nonprofit staff often refer to donors as personal friends. But how many “good” friends can you actually have? Donors report that communication quality and depth of relationship between them and the nonprofit are […]