Category: Fundraising in communities of color

Activating the Social Media Grassroots: Lessons in Cultivating Online Communities

Cayden Mak shares how 18 Million Rising: Activating Asian America effectively uses social media to engage their constituents, building community and resources to support their campaigns.

Viva La Causa: Fundraising Lessons from the United Farm Workers Movement

Rona Fernandez shares fundraising stories from the UFW, showing what can happen when a group moves away from its core constituency as its main source of support. From the July-Aug 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal  

Silos are for Farms: How to Make Fundraising a Part of Your Organizing

By Tina Cincotti of Funding Change Consulting. How to continue to develop a culture of fundraising—where fundraising and organizing go hand-in-hand—and reap the results in a far stronger organization.

Conversations in Abundance & Wealth: Courageous Moves Towards Authentic Collaboration

by Sophia Kizilbash This reflection is a call for all of us to live more courageously in our lives and roles as fundraisers.  In my life, the bridge I am walking across to reach this courageous place is the same as my journey to live as a whole person.  Not segmented, not releasing parts of […]

You’ve Got Something to Talk About: Amplifying Your Organizational Greatness

From the Mar-Apr 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal. Conveying our greatness to potential funders and donors can be challenging. Holly Fincke and Rebecca Johnson examine what’s holding us back, and offer tips for how we can talk ourselves up more.  

Fundraisers Anonymous

For the September-October 2013 Grassroots Fundraising Journal, GIFT talked with several fundraisers of color about the secrets of their success and ways that nonprofits can better support development staff. Here are some highlights. You can download the full article here. How did you come to development? “Somewhat on accident. I never thought I’d work in […]

Conversations in Abundance and Wealth: How We Stay Grounded and Visionary as Grassroots Fundraisers

By Sophia Kizilbash. With this post, we set an intention for conversations and learning on the deeper layers that get stirred up in us as fundraisers.

1.4 Making Volunteer Fundraising Work for You

From the January-February 2013 Grassroots Fundraising Journal, Expect the Unexpected: Lessons Learned from Successful Special Events. Check out the full issue. Julia Rhee describes how the Asian Pacific American Vagina Monologues production built community through performance. Read how they leveraged volunteer skills and resources to make their event a success. Please use the buttons on […]

1.3.13 A New Membership Structure Sustains an Organization

By Theo Yang Copley   The Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) is an LGBTQ organization that actively puts into practice a philosophy of grassroots fundraising, drawing from the energies of a strong and engaged membership. SRLP serves multiple needs of low-income and people of color transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex communities in New York City, […]

7.18 Free conference call on legacies of giving within communities of color: July 31st

LONG LEGACIES OF GIVING | A discussion of the rich histories of giving within communities of color TUESDAY, JULY 31st at 4:00-5:00 pm ET (3-4 CT, 2-3 MT, 1-2 PT)   Join staff from GIFT and CIN for an hour-long discussion about the tremendous histories communities of color organizing fundraising and giving efforts to affect […]