Category: Fundraising in communities of color

7.2 “Soy Safista”: Turning Community Ownership into Community Dollars

Read the feature article from the July/Aug 2012 Grassroots Fundraising Journal: Student Action with Farmworkers shares the ins and outs of its successful volunteer-led online fundraising campaign. With 20 volunteers and an online platform, learn how they raise almost $25,000 in just two months. They also share important tips for volunteer fundraisers.

3.6 Apply by 4.11 for the Los Angeles Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color

This skills building program for people of color led nonprofits focuses upon donor development within a multicultural learning setting. Offered by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT), the academy includes dynamic training, one on one coaching and peer learning so that executive directors, development staff and board members can create […]

Comunidades del Futuro: Guía para Facilitadores Capacitando a la Comunidad en la Recaudación de Fondos

Utilice nuestra guía para facilitadores, de más de 100 páginas en español, para ayudarle a entrenar a otros en la recaudación de fondos. Use our facilitator’s guide of 100+ pages in Spanish to help you train others in grassroots fundraising.

5.19 A GIFT Alumna Reflects on Grassroots Fundraising

Greetings! This is my first official post to the GIFT blog and I am grateful and excited to be writing here. In this post, I interview Monica Raye Simpson about her experience with the GIFT Internship for people of color. Monica is a skilled grassroots fundraiser, facilitator, board member, performance artist and mentor. She is […]

4.21 EPIP Conference Report Back

By Ryan Li Dahlstrom & Ash Hammond We just returned from the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) National Conference in Philadelphia. The conference brought together the next generation of grantmakers and organizers within philanthropy from across the country who are interested in advancing social justice philanthropy. We’re excited to share some of what we learned […]

3.31 Honoring César Chávez

Today we celebrate César Chávez Day. Here’s a guest post from Mike Roque, a longtime organizer and fundraiser, and GIFT’s first Executive Director. by Mike Roque César Chávez was born March 31, 1927 in Yuma, AZ. Eight states currently celebrate César Chávez Day along with many cities. One day, Chávez will be the first Latino […]

3.24 Justice in the Songs of Life

There’s a major gift out there that I believe often goes unnoticed. I think it should be considered a precious, precious philanthropic contribution to social change: Music. I’m talking about home grown, cross-cultural, multi-generational, movement building, social changing MUSIC. I think good music with a message can motivate people to take action, plus it embodies […]

3.22 Brecht Forum Conference Report Back

By Ryan Li Dahlstrom I recently returned from New York City after attending the Brecht Forum’s Grassroots Fundraising Conference. GIFT had the honor and privilege of collaborating with FIERCE staff and members (Ash, Azriel, and Laurene) in co-developing a workshop titled “Dealing with the “-isms” as We Build Resources for our Movements”. You know and […]

3.15 The “Oops, I Didn’t Know You Were…” Zone

The donor did not expect you to be a person of color; they never conceived that you were queer, or younger. The fact that you were threw the donor off for a moment. Don’t be surprised, all is well, you’ve simply entered into the “Oops, I didn’t know you were Black, Latino, Asian, Queer, Under […]

2.24 Donor Diversity and My Favorite Philanthropy Blog Post

We’re honored to re-post a blog from a member of Resource Generation, Theo Yang Copley, written in response to one of GIFT’s posts by Pam Pompey. From the moment I read Pam Pompey’s blog post about an experience with her organization The Ujamaa Institute on the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training’s (GIFT) blog, I could […]