Category: Fundraising in communities of color

3.15 The “Oops, I Didn’t Know You Were…” Zone

The donor did not expect you to be a person of color; they never conceived that you were queer, or younger. The fact that you were threw the donor off for a moment. Don’t be surprised, all is well, you’ve simply entered into the “Oops, I didn’t know you were Black, Latino, Asian, Queer, Under […]

2.24 Donor Diversity and My Favorite Philanthropy Blog Post

We’re honored to re-post a blog from a member of Resource Generation, Theo Yang Copley, written in response to one of GIFT’s posts by Pam Pompey. From the moment I read Pam Pompey’s blog post about an experience with her organization The Ujamaa Institute on the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training’s (GIFT) blog, I could […]

2.10 The Purpose Behind Our Power (The State of Our Movement Union)

Someone asked, “Where did the people of color – grassroots fundraising movement come from?” I answered, “I’m not sure, I came into the game long after the gurus and movement builders laid the groundwork.” So, I’m not going to pretend to have any answers. I can tell you when I noticed. I noticed a few […]

1.17 Inspiration from the Civil Rights Movement

We welcome guest blogger, Holly Fincke, a fundraiser and fundraising consultant. You can read the full article this post is based on in the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, free if you’re a subscriber or just $3. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday 2011 – A day to remember the leader and the movement that shook the country […]

12.22 A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, It’s been a long time since I wrote you a letter. I don’t even really believe in you anymore, but I figure, what could it hurt? At the very least, my good intentions and wishes will go out into the universe and have some sort of positive effect on society, right? I hope […]

11.19 My Year End, Ain’t Yo’ Year End

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Its okay, you can admit it crept up on you, I know I’ll admit it. I learned years ago that the finale of nonprofit fund development is the year-end fundraising. Everybody is focused on raising money to meet budget goals. I wonder if a study has […]

11.2 Keynote speeches from Money for Our Movements

Feature article from the Nov-Dec 2010 Grassroots Fundraising Journal, Sustaining Social Justice Movements by Ai-jen Poo & Cara Page We opened GIFT’s 2010 Conference with inspiring stories of how we can fund our work collectively. Ai-jen Poo brings lessons from the National Domestic Workers Alliance on how they raised money and built a movement. Cara […]

10.12 Donors of Color Not Needed for the Movement?

My head is still throbbing from my conversation with a program associate at a southern-based foundation.  The conversation had me so upset I reached out to my board of directors for moral support.  The foundation person (who is probably first contact for groups considering submitting a grant proposals) told me our organization was not compatible […]

8.30 Apply by 9/3 for Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color

Want to raise more money? Of course you do. If you’re in the East Bay, California, apply for the Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color, co-presented by GIFT and CompassPoint. It’s an intensive, multi-month training that goes deeper into many of the fundraising concepts we discussed at GIFT’s recent Money for Our Movements: A Social […]

8.26 Deadline Extended to 8/29: Come Work for GIFT!

Were you so busy squeezing in a summer vacation that you forgot to apply for GIFT’s new Training and Network Coordinator position? Good news: we extended the deadline to this coming Sunday, August 29th. Put down the sunblock, take a look at the job description and apply today!