Category: Fundraising in communities of color

7.22 What are We Afraid of?

In my direct fundraising and also my fundraising consulting work, the majority of nonprofits that I work with see themselves as social justice groups, and of those, many see themselves as racial justice organizations. The staff, board and member/client base of most of these groups, for obvious reasons, are usually made up of mostly people […]

7.20 Come Work for GIFT! Training & Network Coordinator

After four years on staff at GIFT, I’m heading out for new adventures. We’re hiring a Training & Network Coordinator to help take GIFT to the next level of awesome. This new position is designed for the fundraiser-organizer-trainer extraordinaire who is wildly, unabashedly committed to mobilizing resources for collective liberation. That person might be you. […]

6/16: Raising Money for Community Organizing–Training Opportunity!

Untapped: Developing & Deepening Relationships with Donors for Community Organizing A GIFT Webinar Featuring Marjorie Fine June 29, 2010 10am Pacific/11am Mountain/12pm Central/1pm Eastern Having a hard time communicating the importance of community organizing to prospective donors and funders? Join Linchpin Campaign Director Marjorie Fine for tips on finding supporters of organizing work. Learn how […]

A Fundraiser of Color in a Movement of Green

We preach that fundraisers shouldn’t panic; that people are still giving, even in these tough times. But I find it hard to raise money from people (mainly people of color) in this  economic environment.  It feels awkward to fundraise or encourage giving when communities are facing high levels of unemployment, loss of wealth (401k’s) and […]