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To Phone or Not to Phone Donors

Dear Kim, I know you are a big fan of phoning donors but I personally hate to be phoned by an organization I give to and when I call people, I don’t think they are very happy either.  ~Thoughts? Dear Thoughts, I assume you are talking about calling people you don’t know and I would […]

Fundraisers Anonymous

For the September-October 2013 Grassroots Fundraising Journal, GIFT talked with several fundraisers of color about the secrets of their success and ways that nonprofits can better support development staff. Here are some highlights. You can download the full article here. How did you come to development? “Somewhat on accident. I never thought I’d work in […]

July Best of the Blogs

We’ve culled through hundreds of fundraising blog posts to bring you the best from July. Happy reading! A Bigger Slice of Pie: Two Rules for Getting More Online Donations by Network for Good. Tips for increasing online donations, including a free guide on mobile giving. Three Ways to Boost Core Support from Stanford Social Innovation […]

CAVP Roots Campaign: Giving Together, Building Power

by Crystal Middlestadt. As a small, grassroots organization with a staff of three, we at the Colorado Anti-Violence Program have found it critical to prioritize efficient and effective fundraising strategies.

3.2 Build Your Toolkit for Civic Engagement

Read the feature article from the March-April 2012 issue of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal: Starting a 501(c)(4)? Learn fundraising lessons from three longtime 501(c)(4) organizations on how to find new donors, how to ask members to donate, as well as how to integrate fundraising strategies and messaging with political education.

7.19 The Human Side of Major Donor Programming

This month I am writing about what cori parrish at North Star Fund calls “the human side of donor programming.”

7.14 Develop fundraising leadership

July-August 2011 Grassroots Fundraising Journal Work Smarter, Not Harder Featuring: Developing Fundraising Leadership by Marjorie Childress The departure of an executive director naturally raises questions about carrying fundraising forward. The SouthWest Organizing Project learned that succession planning for shared fundraising responsibilities even before a transition makes the process far easier.  Read the full article here.

7.12 Steps for Raising $20,000

Dear Ms. Klein: I am the treasurer of the Spanish Honor Society at my local High School. My goal is to raise approximately $20,000 in order to have all our club members fly to Costa Rica. We plan to volunteer at an orphanage there where we will teach the children English and organize activities for them. The problem is, however, […]

7.7 Ethnical Guidelines for Conveying Program Costs to Donors

Dear Kim: Are there ethical guidelines for placing values on “example” donation amounts on websites and in appeals? I see other organizations provide lists in their appeals such as “$10 will provide toothbrushes for 5 people”; “$100 sponsors one child at event X,” etc. I’m not sure how to word example amounts without misleading the potential […]

6.7 Leveraging large gifts

Dear Kim: I’m the Director of a small non-profit and I spend about half my time on fundraising.  We just got amazing news last week – a major donor just committed to giving us $40,000 a year for 3 years, with the assumption that she’ll renew after that.  Our budget is pretty tiny, so that […]