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6.1 What Happens When Real Fundraisers, Do Real?

Unless you’ve been living north of the Arctic Circle, you have probably witnessed the spectacle masquerading as reality and bombarding the airwaves these days. Now I do know some people that only watch world news and some who have no television at all…otherwise, like I said: north of the Arctic Circle. Over the past couple […]

5.26 The Vulnerability of the Ask

Sometimes you can only learn the hard way. The fundraising training and call night we’d carefully planned a few weeks fell flat when hardly anyone signed up to join us. We had come up with a great idea. A good friend and fan of the organization offered to share her considerable skills as a grassroots […]

4.28 Adopting Moves Management

A smart and caring member of our Fundraising Committee recently introduced us to the idea of “moves management.” Truthfully, if this concept had come from any number of other folks I might have been a bit dismissive. In brief, moves management is a way to systematically analyze your donor base and create relationship and communication […]

4.19 Launching Generate :: Participate :: Liberate!

2011 is a momentous year for us. The Grassroots Fundraising Journal turns 30 years old and GIFT celebrates its 15th anniversary! It’s also the 5th anniversary of our decision to merge these 2 great organizations. This year also marks my 5th (and final) year as director of GIFT. To celebrate, we’re launching a fundraising campaign […]

4.13 Credit Card Processing Fees

Dear Kim: I know you advise being able to accept donations by credit card, but given that the credit card company charge 3% or more, isn’t it better to have the donor write a check or give cash? ~Hate that percentage Dear Percentage: If a donor stands in front of you, offering an amount of […]

4.12 Offers that Don’t Amount to Much

Dear Kim: We have a board member who has offered to donate $1 for every $100 people spend at his store, if they tell the clerk they are from our organization.  He runs a small bakery and it would be very rare for anyone to spend $100 at one time, and so over the three […]

3.10 What to Do If You Are in a Financial Crisis

Feature Article from Mar/Apr 2011 Grassroots Fundraising Journal Hanging in the Balance: Grassroots Groups Overcoming Financial Crises In Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times, Kim Klein explained how to survive and thrive in unstable economic times. This excerpt adapted from that book focuses on how to assess whether your organization is in a crisis and what […]

3.8 What to do about unfulfilled pledges

Dear Kim: We were at $950,000 toward a $1,000,000 capital campaign goal and feeling pretty good about ourselves when we learned that a donor who pledged to give us $75,000 is not going to be able to pay.  He signed a pledge form and a lawyer on our board says a signed pledge is legally […]

2.10 The Purpose Behind Our Power (The State of Our Movement Union)

Someone asked, “Where did the people of color – grassroots fundraising movement come from?” I answered, “I’m not sure, I came into the game long after the gurus and movement builders laid the groundwork.” So, I’m not going to pretend to have any answers. I can tell you when I noticed. I noticed a few […]

1.20 Finance and Fundraising: Learning to Speak the Same Language

The Finance Issue Jan-Feb 2011 Fundraising and Finance–Learning to Speak the Same Language by Margi Clarke Despite their similarities—dealing with money, numbers, data—fundraising and finance often don’t speak the same language and therefore run into trouble trying to communicate. Margi Clarke explains three keys to helping your organization get past the language barrier. Read the […]