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Silos are for Farms: How to Make Fundraising a Part of Your Organizing

By Tina Cincotti of Funding Change Consulting. How to continue to develop a culture of fundraising—where fundraising and organizing go hand-in-hand—and reap the results in a far stronger organization.

The Importance of Upgrading

How can we keep donors motivated to give? When is it appropriate and how often should we ask donors to give more? Kim Klein answers these questions and more in this updated version of her classic article.

You’ve Got Something to Talk About: Amplifying Your Organizational Greatness

From the Mar-Apr 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal. Conveying our greatness to potential funders and donors can be challenging. Holly Fincke and Rebecca Johnson examine what’s holding us back, and offer tips for how we can talk ourselves up more.  

Build Your Fundraising Team: Tools & Rewards

From the Jan/Feb 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal. Christa Orth shares tips for building effective fundraising teams, highlighting the success of Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund in creating strong fundraising cultures and increased financial sustainability of their work.

Preparing & Sticking to Your Fundraising Plan

By Rona Fernandez. From the November-December 2013 Grassroots Fundraising Journal. Check out the full issue here. Rona Fernandez shares practical tips for developing a fundraising plan that is realistic and adaptable when the unexpected happens.

Monthly Giving: The Basics

Want a proven way to bring in additional gifts from committed donors? River Network’s Pat Munoz lays out why and how to start a sustainer program.  

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Underdeveloped: Real Talk from GIFT about Challenges in Nonprofit Fundraising

A recent report entitled Underdeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising published by CompassPoint and the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund helps to further elevate many of the questions and experiences we have been talking about for some time. Here are a few of the key takeaways from the report: Development positions […]

Sep-Oct 2013 GFJ Feature Article

RoadMap consultant Margi Clarke breaks down data from the recent Wages of Peace and Justice report, calling into question why folks working for social justice earn less than their nonprofit counterparts.

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