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7.2 “Soy Safista”: Turning Community Ownership into Community Dollars

Read the feature article from the July/Aug 2012 Grassroots Fundraising Journal: Student Action with Farmworkers shares the ins and outs of its successful volunteer-led online fundraising campaign. With 20 volunteers and an online platform, learn how they raise almost $25,000 in just two months. They also share important tips for volunteer fundraisers.

5.1 Networked Fundraising: Raising Money to the Third Degree

Read the feature article from the May/June 2012 issue of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal: Bowl-a-Thons can be great fundraisers. But what happens when you take it to the next level by doing a networked event in multiple cities? A must-read for any organization that has chapters, members, or affiliates in multiple cities.

3.2 Build Your Toolkit for Civic Engagement

Read the feature article from the March-April 2012 issue of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal: Starting a 501(c)(4)? Learn fundraising lessons from three longtime 501(c)(4) organizations on how to find new donors, how to ask members to donate, as well as how to integrate fundraising strategies and messaging with political education.

1.4 Supporting Volunteer Fundraisers

From the Jan-Feb 2012 Grassroots Fundraising Journal, Developing Fundraising Leadership. Read the full article here! Karen Topakian interviewed five groups from around the country to share real-life examples, tips, and lessons on successfully supporting volunteer fundraisers and board members. Here’s what she learned.

11.3 No Staff? No c3 Status? No Problem!

ACT UP Philadelphia stays true to its mission and constituents, makes an impact, and raises—and saves—money, all without 501(c)(3) status. They present their top ten tips for how you, too, can thrive as an all-volunteer group. Read how.

7.14 Develop fundraising leadership

July-August 2011 Grassroots Fundraising Journal Work Smarter, Not Harder Featuring: Developing Fundraising Leadership by Marjorie Childress The departure of an executive director naturally raises questions about carrying fundraising forward. The SouthWest Organizing Project learned that succession planning for shared fundraising responsibilities even before a transition makes the process far easier.  Read the full article here.

5.17 GFJ Readers Respond

545 people responded to our readers survey, providing invaluable insights to how we can improve the Journal’s content, marketing efforts and delivery. We really appreciate you taking the time to help-thank you! Here are some results highlights: 70% of subscribers access the archive regularly 83% of subscribers say that the Journal is an excellent value […]

4.19 Launching Generate :: Participate :: Liberate!

2011 is a momentous year for us. The Grassroots Fundraising Journal turns 30 years old and GIFT celebrates its 15th anniversary! It’s also the 5th anniversary of our decision to merge these 2 great organizations. This year also marks my 5th (and final) year as director of GIFT. To celebrate, we’re launching a fundraising campaign […]

3.10 What to Do If You Are in a Financial Crisis

Feature Article from Mar/Apr 2011 Grassroots Fundraising Journal Hanging in the Balance: Grassroots Groups Overcoming Financial Crises In Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times, Kim Klein explained how to survive and thrive in unstable economic times. This excerpt adapted from that book focuses on how to assess whether your organization is in a crisis and what […]

1.27 Welcome New Editorial Board Members

Like most of GIFT’s programs, the Grassroots Fundraising Journal relies on a volunteer committee of amazing fundraisers to help guide our work. They make sure the articles we run are needed and relevant in the ever-shifting fundraising landscape, and that important stories are shared. They’re also the folks who pushed for GIFT to create this […]