Grassroots International works in partnership with social movements to create a just and sustainable world by advancing the human rights to land, water, and food through global grantmaking, building solidarity across organizations and movements, and advocacy in the United States. We envision a world in which a universal commitment to the health and wellbeing of the earth and all its peoples, fueled by successful global movements for social, economic, and climate justice, has transformed production practices, consumption patterns, and economic and social relations to be based on sustainability, equity, and the rights to land, food, and water.  Our partnerships recognize that change is successful only when people in their own communities organize to confront the root causes of their problems.
The Executive Director works with the Board of Directors and staff to pursue this shared vision, and has overall responsibility for fundraising, program development, administration and finances, communications, and personnel matters of the organization.
Grassroots International has a current budget of $2.3M with longstanding programs in Brazil, Haiti, Mesoamerica and the Middle East. We have a strong 30+ year history of partnering with social movements in the Global South and serving as a bridge between these movements and their U.S. allies. The next Executive Director will have the opportunity to lead Grassroots International into the next period of growth and expansion. For more information and to apply, please click here.