In addition to a lively opening panel, our dynamic debate, and opportunities for free consulting sessions, we’ll be offering over 70 workshops and facilitated discussions on the following topics:

  • Fundraising Skills & Strategies

  • Fundraising Systems

  • History, New Models & Politics

  • Giving & Philanthropy

  • Online Fundraising, Social Media & Communications

  • Youth-led & young adult fundraising

  • Spanish language track

  • Wellness & Sustainability

  • Facilitated and topical discussions based on issue areas, communities/identities, or other topics for skill-sharing and peer networking (some past topics have included: Rural Fundraising, Youth caucus, People of Color, Global and Transnational Organizing and Fundraising, recent report releases, etc.)

Confirmed workshops include (as of 3/28/14):

  • Savvy and Sustainable Fundraising Strategies for Movement Organizations with Arika Kern & Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz of The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
  • How to Raise $50,000 in Six Weeks with Stephanie Roth & Nancy Otto of Klein & Roth Consulting
  • Membership is Powerful: Building Power and Sustainability Through Dues-Paying Membership with Beth Rayfield of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
  • Collective Resiliency, Sustainability, Donor Organizing & Grassroots Giving with Cara Page of Audre Lorde Project & Theo Yang Copley of Class Action
  • People-Powered Organizations: Building Successful Monthly Sustainer Programs with Allison Budschalow & Kristin Campbell of Media Mobilizing Project
  • Designing for Change: Visual Communications for the Left with Nadia Khastagir of Design Action Collective
  • Hi-Tech Tools for Fundraising and Communication Made Simple with Yee Won Chong of Western States Center