2018 Confirmed Workshops
(partial list)

Advanced Topics for Movement Resource Mobilizers

  • If You Build It…Capital Campaigns for Social Justice Organizations
  • Shifting from Transactional to Transformative Development: The Movement Commons Fundraising and Power Project
  • Strengthening Connections between Fundraising, Communications and Program
  • Fundraising Planning for Growth and Equity
  • The New Architects of Social Finance: Building Out your Funding Streams and Creating Just Capital for your Communities

Emerging Grassroots Economies

  • Using Cooperatives for Sustainable Economic Development

Fundraising Skills, Strategies, and Systems

  • Building Power Within & Power With to Mobilize Resources
  • Foundations, Program officers and Writing Proposals: Everything You Wanted to Know about Foundations and Were Afraid to Ask
  • Too Tapped to Thank
  • Make a $5,000 Ask During a 30-Minute Lunch 
  • Planned Giving with Few Resources & Little Time
  • We Make Money Moves! Fundraising While Black
  • #OwnIt: Using Grassroots Fundraising to Build Equity for Our Communities
  • Power to the People: Crowdfunding to Mobilize Community Agency
  • To 501(c)(3) or Not To 501(c)(3)?
  • Power in Numbers: Breaking Down Budgets & Financials
  • Relying on Monthly Sustainers During Organizational Crossroads
  • Fundraisers Unite! Building a United Front With the Vision of Human Development
  • By the People, For the People: Fundraising for TGNC Liberation
  • Budgeting for the Resistance: Start Here

Fundraising with Boards & Teams

  • Where’s The Ask?
  • All Aboard: Building a Fundraising Team
  • Fundraising Bright Spots: Learn & Take Action
  • Secrets to Building a Fundraising Board
  • Building Strong Fundraising Partnerships
  • Why We Fail: Changing Behaviors & Mindsets
  • We’re All in This Together: How Development Staff Can Work with the Executive Director, Board, and Program Staff in Fundraising

History, Politics & the Current State of Giving & Philanthropy

  • Show Me the Funding: How the Muslim Community’s Funding Framework has Evolved
  • Alternative Fundraising Structures for Grassroots Organizations
  • Black LGBTQ Migrants and Strategies for Survival
  • Alternative Fundraising Structures for Grassroots Organizations

Personal Wellness & Sustainability

  • Change Agent, Give Yourself a Break: Systems and Resources to Run Your Life & Work on Autopilot
  • Not for the Meek: Fundraising as a Contemplative Practice
  • Sports Bras, Safety Nets, and Saying “No”: Real Talk About Safety for Money Organizers
  • Stop Workplace Bullying and Harassment in Our Nonprofit Workplace

Raising Funds Online

  • Raise $20,000 in 20 days 
  • 21st Century Telethon: Peer-to-Peer Text Messaging for Fundraising
  • The ABCs of Digital Fundraising
  • Bowling for Abortion Access: The Collective Power of Grassroots Supporters & Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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