Here’s some of what you can look forward to at this year’s event:

  • Opening keynote by Allen Kwabena Frimpong, one of the organizers of Black Lives Matter in New York City, and a philanthropic strategist and capacity-builder through his work with Movement NetLab.
  • A fun and lively debate on the viability of grassroots fundraising strategies in communities of color. 
  • How-to workshops on events, online fundraising, major gifts, and more!

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We’re currently accepting proposals for workshops, facilitated discussions, caucuses, and strategy sessions for the 2016 conference. Deadline EXTENDED until March 15th–please click here to submit your proposals!

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Here’s a sampling of sessions from 2014:

  • Pump Up Your Board for Fundraising: Getting Your Board Engaged and Energized with Christina Yoon of Yoon Consulting

  • Let’s Stay Together: Create and Sustain Dynamic Fundraising Teams with the Circle Process with Sophia Kizilbash & Johnny Buck of Native Youth Leadership Alliance
  • Four Cornerstones of Major Gifts Fundraising with Paul Jolly of Jump Start Growth
  • Email Marketing to Support Year-Round Online Fundraising with Joleen Ong of NTEN
  • Courageous Conversations for Fundraisers with Miguel Gavaldón
  • Implementing Donor Management Software with Jack Aponte & Jon Goldberg of Palante Tech
  • Almost There: 10 Strategies for Year-End Fundraising with Ari Wohlfeiler of Jewish Voice for Peace & Avi Cummings of Sylvia Rivera Law Project 
  • Creating an Annual Fundraising Plan with Priscilla Hung of Community Partners
  • Fundraising as Self Development with Beth Raps of RAISING CLARITY
  • Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all: Building Power as Youth Fundraisers with Naa Hammond & Fred Ginyard of FIERCE
  • Donor Organizing Through Giving Circles: Social Justice Fund’s Story with Karen Toering and Mijo Lee of Social Justice Fund NW
  • Designing your Crowdfunding Campaign with Erin Barnes & Brandon Whitney of ioby
  • Moving Towards an Integrated Grassroots Fundraising Culture: Data, Tools, and Practices with Alice Aguilar & Tomás Aguilar of Progressive Technology Project
  • Party On! Throwing Awesome House Party Fundraisers with Jeff Pinzino of Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
  • People of Color Traditions, Strategies & Stories for Our Collective Survival with Naa Hammond of FIERCE & Cara Page of Audre Lorde Project
  • Leading Stellar Trainings for Volunteer Fundraisers with Christa Orth of Wingo, Inc.
  • Meeting Your Goals by Meeting Your Donors with Mary Grace Wolf & Arturo Clark of National People’s Action
  • How We Made Friends Before Facebook with Jackie Kaplan-Perkins
  • Writing Proposals, Understanding Program Officers and Getting Grants: Everything You Wanted to Ask and Were Afraid to Ask with Marjorie Fine
  • Overcoming Fundraising Complacency on Long-Standing Boards of Directors with Gregory Cohen & Sadia Kalam of Cause Effective
  • Savvy and Sustainable Fundraising Strategies for Movement Organizations with Arika Kern & Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz of The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
  • Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money with Andy Robinson of Andy Robinson Consulting
  • Breaking the Isolation Bubble: How to Talk Back to Foundations with Jeanné Isler & Lisa Ranghelli of National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
  • Allied Media Projects: Shared Services & Network Building with Jenny Lee & Mike Medow of Allied Media Projects
  • The Lion’s Roar: How Our Stories Shape Movements (and Raise Money) with Pam Pompey & Yee Won Chong
  • Messaging for Fundraising and Movement Building with Tova Perlmutter of Engine of Progress
  • How to Raise $50,000 in Six Weeks with Stephanie Roth & Nancy Otto of Klein & Roth Consulting
  • Membership is Powerful: Building Power and Sustainability Through Dues-Paying Membership with Beth Rayfield of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
  • Collective Resiliency, Sustainability, Donor Organizing & Grassroots Giving with Cara Page of Audre Lorde Project & Theo Yang Copley of Class Action
  • People-Powered Organizations: Building Successful Monthly Sustainer Programs with Allison Budschalow & Kristin Campbell of Media Mobilizing Project
  • Designing for Change: Visual Communications for the Left with Nadia Khastagir of Design Action Collective
  • Hi-Tech Tools for Fundraising and Communication Made Simple with Yee Won Chong
  • Member-Driven Fundraising: Creative Ways to Combine Organizing and Money-Making with Alia Trindle of People First
  • We Tweet, We Like and We Raise Money: How Youth & Young Adults Fundraise and (re)Imagine Our Resources with Laurene Francois of GIFT
  • Matching the Right Team with the Right Fundraising Strategy with Miguel Gavaldón
  • Understanding Constituent Relationship Management Systems with Rebecca Johnson of RoadMap Consulting
  • Making Stronger and Smarter “Asks”: How to Write to be More Influential with Randall Quan of Community Resource Exchange
  • The Exchange Collaborative Fundraising and Resource Sharing Model with Roxanne Anderson of MN Transgender Health Coalition
  • Collective Dollars, Collective Sense: Giving Circles and Models of Cross-Class Philanthropy with Jessie Spector of Resource Generation, Sha Grogan-Brown of Grassroots Global Justice, Rebecca Wisotsky of Trans Justice Funding Project, and Ellen Barry of Criminal Justice Initiative.
  • Authentic Leadership Development & Renewal with Pam Pompey
  • Measuring Your Social Media Efforts with Chris Tuttle of Idealware
  • Planned Giving Made Easy with Stan Yogi of Klein & Roth Consulting
  • Visual Communication: Create Pictures, Videos and Presentations Quickly, Easily and Affordably with Yee Won Chong, Nadia Khastagir of Design Action Collective, and Joleen Ong of NTEN
  • People of Color & Fundraising with Mike Roque of Adobe Consulting
  • Shared Leadership Models: Sharing Power, Decision-Making, and Building Sustainability for the Long-Haul with Ife Kilimanjaro, Ph. D, of East Michigan Environmental Action Council and Ryan Li Dahlstrom of GIFT
  • Nuts and Bolts of Finance in Organizing with Shira Hassan & Karla Mejia of INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence
  • Off Limits? How Government Funding Can Make Your Social Justice Organization Even Stronger with Jennifer Freedman of CASA de Maryland