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Donor Perspectives on Giving

From the May-June 2013 Grassroots Fundraising Journal, Donor Perspectives on Giving. Check out the full issue here. By Margie Fine & Ryan Li Dahlstrom. Read three donor perspectives on giving and learn what we, as fundraisers, can do to better navigate the donor/fundraiser relationship. Please use the buttons on the top right to view the […]

10.28 Raise more money for community organizing!

Join Margie Fine on Tuesday, November 16th for her webinar with GIFT–Untapped: Developing & Deepening Relationships with Donors for Community Organizing. Just $50-$150 per site (more than one person per site is encouraged!) depending on your group’s budget size. Having a hard time communicating the importance of community organizing to prospective donors and funders? Join […]