GIFT’s Board of Directors

Jose Dominguez, Chair
Director of Development Partnerships, League of Conservation Voters
Washington, DC

Carl Lipscombe
Organizing Director, ALIGN
Brooklyn, NY

Neha Mahajan
Chapter Director, 9to5 Colorado
Denver, CO

Lorraine Ramirez
Program Manager, Neighborhood Funders Group
Oakland, CA

Tomás Rivera
Executive Director, Chainbreaker Collective
Santa Fe, NM

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GIFT Staff

Jennifer Emiko Boyden
Communications Director
510-452-4520 x302

Veronica Garcia
Program Director
510-452-4520 x304

Nan Jessup
Finance & Operations Director
510-452-4520 x303

Mailing Address

1904 Franklin Street, Suite 808
Oakland CA 94612 USA
Phone and Fax

Telephone: 510-452-4520