GIFT Exchange: adventures in fundraising action

As GIFT launches our new team-based blog, I wonder:

Should we use WordPress or  Blogger? How many readers does it take to make this worth doing? What the heck are RSS feeds and Facebook integration tools?

The fundraising world and the community organizing world both seem so complicated lately: Friends send action alerts by Twitter and Facebook; even my technophobe parents donated to Haiti rebuilding efforts through their cell phones.

As a fundraiser and an organizer, I’m at information overload. I’m craving community, sharp political analysis, and concrete tips- without all the mindless junk.

GIFT Exchange is a space that, hopefully, cuts through the clutter to get to the heart of fundraising for social justice. We hope to challenge, nourish, and inspire you to fundraising action.

Our blogger team will be critical and loving as we grapple with some of the same questions you are:

How can we raise the money we need to further social justice?

How can we take advantage of the political moment to push forward large-scale changes?

How can we shift the conversation from institution-building to movement-building, but still mobilize sufficient resources for all the work that needs to get done?

We hope you like it and we really hope you comment and weigh in on the conversation. Because without your voice, this blog becomes just another space for talking heads, and not the movement-building tool we want it to be. Let’s make this an exchange that can help movements move forward.



2 Comments to GIFT Exchange: adventures in fundraising action

  1. Carmela Carreno's Gravatar Carmela Carreno
    May 11, 2010 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

    I am so excited to add GIFT Exchange to my Google Reader! Why? Up until now, I have not found a SINGLE blog out in blogosphere that dedicates itself to addressing the needs and challenges of fundraising for social justice. And I subscribe to a handful of fundraising blogs, and even more social justice sites!

    As a subscriber, it seems that my hopes are the same as yours for the blog. My additional feedback: keep it active and I will keep reading! (and a dash of humor is always appreciated).

    Many thanks to GIFT and the Blogger Team.

    • May 11, 2010 at 10:45 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Carmela! We hope you enjoy the blog (and keep those comments coming!). We plan to post 2x/week; hope that’s active enough for you 🙂

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