Money for Our Movements: register now for $150

Good news:

Registration’s now open for Money for Our Movements: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference!

We plan to limit registration to just 500 people this year, so register now. 500 is a nice number: big enough to make an impact across many social justice movements, but not so big that the conference starts feeling like a warehouse.

You have a really tight budget this year, right? Well, let’s stretch those dollars: We’re keeping early bird registration at the (cheap!) $150 rate.

$150 for access to two full days of workshops, discussions, caucuses, one-on-one consulting, keynotes, the debate, and lunches, too. It’s pretty awesome. If you use the tips from just one workshop, you should be able to raise enough money for registration, travel and housing for your group’s whole delegation.

So far, we’ve announced some big names in the fundraiser-organizer world who will serve as keynotes and debate panelists:

Ai-jen Poo (National Domestic Workers Alliance)

Libero Della Piana (Communist Party USA)

Kim Klein (Principal, Klein & Roth Consulting)

Rinku Sen (Applied Research Center and Colorlines magazine)

We have more fabulous people to add to the roster of speakers. Now, we need you to add yourself to the roster of attendees before the conference sells out. (We had to turn people away at our last two conferences. It was sad.)

And if you’re a funder, please fund your grantees to come to this conference. It’s the only big national space that puts resource mobilization vision, strategy + tactics for social justice front and center. In this economy, we all could use some fresh vision and strategy, right?