Money for Our Movements sneak-peek: our first 2 debaters

Thanks to the 2000+ people who read our blog in our first week!

For your trouble, here’s a sneak-peek of the most popular part of our conference: the debate.

For the record, I don’t like debates much; the competition can get combative sometimes. I much prefer featuring collaboration (It’s healthier for our movements, no?).

But conference attendees really love our debate.  And it’s nice to watch activists and community organizers model how to disagree in healthy, constructive ways (for a change).

Is there someone you work with who could stand to learn how to play well with others? Bring them to the conference (registration opens next Tuesday, May 18th)! They’ll learn a new skill to help their fundraising and organizing.

Now, on to the good stuff:

Debate topic: Insider vs. Outsider Strategies

In this political and economic moment, should we focus on policy or on community organizing? Run our own candidates for public office or agitate from the outside? How do we raise money so that we don’t get co-opted?

Moderated by Libero Della Piana of the Communist Party USA

Our first two debaters are:

Rinku Sen of the Applied Research Center & Colorlines magazine

And Kim Klein, Principal, Klein & Roth Consulting.

You might be surprised to hear which sides of the debate they’ll be on.

What side are you on? Post a comment below to weigh in. The debaters will read your comments as they prepare their arguments.

Coming next week: Our other two debaters and our second keynote.