Who is GIFT Exchange?

GIFT Exchange is a big ole community of fun(draising):

  • Pam Pompey blogs on fundraising in communities of color
  • Claudia Horwitz writes on self-care and sustainability for busy fundraisers
  • Rona Fernandez shares sharp analysis on current events and politics, all from a fundraising lens
  • Kim Klein continues her Dear Kim advice column here (you can still read our Dear Kim archives here)
  • GIFT’s staff shares our monthly roundup of the Best Posts from the Fundraising Blogosphere

So many great folks are part of this team. Thanks to:

  • GIFTers who donated to help make this blog possible: Melinda Brown, Charles Chang, Jessica de Jesus,  Sonia De Leon de Vega, Marieta Francis, Hannah Gustafson, Linda Jane, Julie Johnson Haffner, Eileen Lantzy, Mariana Moore, Michael Nameche, Bob Norris, Yusef Omowale, Bonnie Sullivan, Brenda Tyson, and Anna Yang (and the list keeps growing! Donate to join the list and we’ll add your name here!)
  • my co-worker Jennifer Emiko Boyden for her many hours of work figuring out the strategy and setting up infrastructure for this
  • our web programmers Craig and Derrick at Reach and Teach for their patience and kindness
  • our blog research team of Andy, Rona and Will for interviewing our blogger friends
  • and you, dear reader :p

Thanks again, y’all!