6.18 GIFT @ USSF: All Money and Power to the People

If you’re coming to the U.S. Social Forum, please take a minute to jot down the info for GIFT’s workshop:

All Money and Power to the People: Using Grassroots Fundraising to Fund Our Liberation

Facilitated by GIFT, Colorado Anti-Violence Program and CISPES (Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador)

Friday, June 25th


Cobo Hall room D3-20

Foundation funding’s drying up, the State’s cutting basic social services, and social justice groups are doing even more with less. This workshop is an organizers’ strategy session on funding our movements:

How can we raise the money we need to take advantage of the political and economic moment and push forward large-scale changes?

How can we shift the conversation from institution-building to movement-building, from a capitalist “competition/scarcity/individual” mindset to a “movement abundance/collective power for collective liberation” mindset, and mobilize sufficient resources for our work?

Tough questions. I can’t wait to hear what answers the group comes up with!

I hope to see you in Detroit…