Best of the (Fundraising) Blog

Memorial Day! The unofficial start of summer! Ease back into your work week with some easy summer reading:

Here’s the first of our monthly Best of the Blog, where GIFT’s staff pulls out some of our favorite tips, tools and inspiration from the world of fundraising and philanthropy blogs:

Does your e-newsletter stink? Nancy Schwartz shares concrete tips to make it better.

“How do we showcase the people that our organization supports without making them look helpless or using them?” We get this question a lot when we encourage groups to include photos and videos of their work in their fundraising appeals.  The author of this post asked his friends in Malawi to show the difference when you let the people decide how to present themselves.

Many of us have been following news of the devastating oil spill caused by BP in the Gulf of Mexico. This post looks at the fundraising implications of accepting donations from companies engaged in destructive practices, such as the Nature Conservancy did with BP. A good reminder to have gift acceptance policies.

Ready to build your organization’s presence on Facebook? Not so fast. Read Katya’s checklist of some things to have in place first.

Thank your donors better.

Speaking of, thanks to the donors who donated to get this blog off the ground: Melinda Brown, Charles Chang, Copper River Watershed Project, Jessica de Jesus, Sonia De Leon de Vega, Marieta Francis, Hannah Gustafson, Linda Jane, Julie Johnson Haffner, Eileen Lantzy, Vicki Lee, Mariana Moore, Michael Nameche, Bob Norris, Yusef Omowale, Bonnie Sullivan, Brenda Tyson and Anna Yang. You rock! This bonus post is for you:
We like this post because it reminded us how important fun is in our work. It’s easy to lose sight of that given all the problems and challenges we’re faced with on top of economic woes. But one of the best ways to get people to take action and make a change – whether it be marching in a protest, speaking at city hall, boycotting a union-busting hotel, or calling up a donor to ask for money – is to make it fun.