8.27 Money For Our Movements: Share Your Thoughts

We did it!

On August 12th and 13th, 500 people from 35 U.S. states working on many different social justice issues came together in Oakland for GIFT’s Money for Our Movements: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference!

There was so much to see and experience: 2 keynotes, 40 workshops, 15 facilitated discussions, 60 one-on-one consulting sessions, a welcome dinner, the Rai$ing the Roof party,  and of course, our ever-popular debate.

What inspired me most were the informal conversations, strategy-building and skill-sharing happening between people working on different issues in different parts of the country. Yay for connecting with new and old friends! Our movements are rich and varied; we have so much to teach and learn from each other…and so many relationships to build!

Now it’s your turn. If you attended the conference, what inspired you?

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