9.21 Best of the Blog

Hi there,

Before I roll out GIFT Exchange’s latest Best Of the Blog, I must apologize: I planned on posting some Best of’s in the past few months so you could get in some summer reading. But between running around for the US Social Forum and for GIFT’s conference, posting to the blog slipped my mind. Tsk. Hopefully you were at the beach reading something just as fun and exciting as a Best Of…something like (shameless plug) the Grassroots Fundraising Journal.

Also, a fond farewell: This is my last post as a staff member of GIFT. I will miss hearing your stories and troubleshooting your fundraising challenges together with you. But I hope I’ll continue to see you bring your passion, talents and wisdom to the GIFT community as we keep building it together. That’s what a gift exchange is all about!

And now that you’re in fall fundraising season, an action-packed Best of the Blog from this past summer, compiled by our staff:

How to Fundraise for your Next Walkathon: A step-by-step guide for the Virgo in all of us, it comes complete with a link to the fantastic Gift Range Calculator.

In Billionaires’ Pledge, Critics See Dark Cloud Instead of Silver Lining: Are you sick and tired of hearing people pat rich people on the back for signing a (non-binding) pledge to give away more money to their pet projects? This post is a nice reality check.

5 Great Social Media Guidelines: A nice, quick synopsis.

What Happens When Funders Pull Out: This post reminds us that advocacy and organizing groups are especially vulnerable to drops and shifts in foundation giving. From GIFT’s ED, Priscilla: “This prompts questions for me about the role of foundations in community organizing and what it takes to build active community bases that give money.” To which I add, hell yes.

What Does Your Facebook Funnel Look Like? (a.k.a. So You Think You Can Facebook?) If you’re thinking about jumping onto the facebook bandwagon (or if you’re already there, happily twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the big bucks to roll in), stop. Then read this post from NTEN. And then Like GIFT’s facebook page 🙂

See you soon,

~ manish