11.4 October: Best of the Blogs

Top 3 ways people give money
A quick look at donor giving patterns that underlie the importance of engaging donors in a variety of ways.

Marketing is more than social media
An intelligent piece that cautions against abandoning traditional marketing strategies to focus almost entirely on social media.

A second attempt at Twitter
Your Twitter account not doing what you thought it would? Learn from this group’s story on how they changed their Twitter handle and approach.

A measured take on measurable impact
I think the over-emphasis on measurable impact over-simplifies how social change happens, and pressures organizations to take credit for things that were actually made possible by a whole ecosystem. Nevertheless, this post breaks it down into bite-sized chunks and looks at it from the donor’s point of view to help us fundraisers understand what our stakeholders want to know. Quote of the day: “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” – Albert Einstein

The decline of empathy
(re-posted from Tactical Philanthropy)
Studies show a marked decline in empathy in college students over the past decade. The article points to technology, divorce, and being inundated with news 24/7 as possible causes. But the real gold is the comments section, with many blaming right-wing politics for ideas that we should fear those who are different and that we can only provide for our own well-being by taking away someone else’s.

Clearing blocks to creativity
(re-posted from Future Fundraising Now)
A great post about overcoming some of our own fears and self limitations that can keep us from achieving success, and overcoming obstacles that block our creative process.