12.30 Happy New Year from GIFT!

I just got back from spending time in Southern California with my huge family and loving partner. It reminded me why I do this work. That I do it for the rights of immigrants, for the hopes of the next generation, in honor of those who fought before us, and to nurture the love and care within connected communities.

We bring these same themes of rights, hope, and community to the work we do at GIFT. From bringing together hundreds of people at the Money for Our Movements Conference, to publishing the Grassroots Fundraising Journal to share history and knowledge; from launching a team blog to share thoughts and ideas, to providing training to hundreds of organizations.

And all of what we do is made possible by you. We’re not just building a strong organization with talented staff. We’re helping build a movement that is not afraid of bringing together the people and the money we need to create social justice.

As a member of this movement, please consider making a year-end gift to GIFT if you haven’t done so already.

Looking forward to connecting in 2011! Happy New Year!