12.7 November: Best of the Blogs

Decentralized Fundraising
Wikipedia proved that volunteer-based, decentralized, group collaboration works. They took that same concept and applied it to their fundraising to raise millions of dollars.

Dues versus Donations
A guy that grew his group’s membership from 7,000 to 30,000 argues that to raise more money from your existing members, don’t ask them to upgrade their membership – ask them to upgrade their donation instead.

Savvy Subject Lines
Great post on how to write effective subject lines in your e-newsletters. Helpful for anyone who wants to increase the chances of having their messages opened. As a bonus, get Kivi’s new free ebook on this topic.

Don’t Target Donors – Be Their Target
(Re-posted from Future Fundraising Now)
Instead of “targeting” donors, consider thinking of it as your cause being the donor’s target and your organization’s marketing as helping perfect the donor’s aim.

Using Your Whole Brain in Planning Fundraising Campaigns
(Re-posted from Future Fundraising Now)
Interesting article on how our left brain vs. right brain doesn’t always make the right fundraising decisions, unveiling the motivations behind them. Shows how to create successful fundraising campaigns by using the left brain for planning and implementation, and letting the right brain take the lead in writing and design.

Expanding into Earned Income
Starting an earned income project can be a great way to diversify your income. Read a brief case study of how this consultant helped a group identify earned income potential within their existing programs.

Live Tweeting at Your Event or Conference
Live tweeting is when you tweet what people are saying in real time at your conference or event. To make it work, follow these helpful guidelines.