2.3 January: Best of the Blogs

We’ve culled through hundreds of posts to bring you our 7 favorites for the month:

Test it with a Ten-Year Old
(Re-posted from Tactical Philanthropy)
Is your website clear enough for a 10-year old to understand what you do, how you do it, and how you know if you’re making a difference? A great story of a parent involving her child in philanthropy.

20 Ways to Improve Your Writing
Practical tips on how to make your writing clearer and more compelling. I’m practicing it now.

Compassion vs Rationality
People feel more compassion – and donate more – when there is an identifiable person in need and they feel a connection to that person. People will still give – but will give less – when presented with statistics. Read for more fascinating results.

Underestimating Volunteers
Interesting survey results showing that, with a little care and creativity, volunteers can bring a lot more value to your organization than just stuffing envelopes.

Focusing Your Online Fundraising
Highlights of Network for Good’s annual study of online giving through their portals. After reading this, you’ll understand why a good website, monthly giving options, and end-of-year fundraising campaigns are essential.

The Myth of Multitasking
(Re-posted from Future Fundraising Now)
Multitasking has been proven to slow us down. Even if you intend to focus, every new email, text, phone call, and office visitor is an interruption. Here are 3 tips to help us get comfortable with setting aside time.

Why You Won’t Find New Ideas at Work
(Re-posted from Future Fundraising Now)
100 humorous reasons why less than 2% of people say they get their best ideas from the workplace. The next time you’re wondering why it’s hard to come up with creative new fundraising approaches, we bet you’ll find several reasons on the list that apply to your organization.