3.3 February: Best of the Blogs

We’ve culled through hundreds of fundraising posts to bring you our 8 favorites for the month:

Letting Program Drive Fundraising
A short post showing that people who are asked to take action or give time are more likely to give money in the future. So don’t be afraid to ask volunteers, rally-goers, and petition signers to also donate!

The Key Element of a Successful Database Transition (it’s not what you think!)
A development associate shares lessons learned from transitioning her organization to a CRM without executive buy-in.

Why We Do This Work
Fundraising got you down? A quick post to remind us that giving makes us happy and fosters more generosity, which ultimately means more happiness.

“I was an under-appreciated donor.”
A longtime donor shares her experience of not having her loyalty acknowledged and the hollow excuses given by organizations. We need to thank donors who have given for several years, even if the amounts are small. Read the comments for an example of how one group does it.

Inviting Donors to the Board
A good response to the conundrum of inviting donors to join your board just because they’re donors, and some alternatives.

But What Will They Say?
A good overview for things to consider when drafting a social media policy. (Bonus post: Read how the American Red Cross gracefully recovered from a Twitter mistake)

Mission Statements versus Missions
Being passionate and dedicated to a purpose is not just a public relations exercise.

Groupon as a Fundraising Strategy?
We’re not ones to trumpet “hot” trends given that asking people for money directly continues to be the quickest and most effective fundraising strategy. But even I was impressed by the museum raising $55K through Groupon. In the comments, someone observes that the real measure of success is getting those folks to renew. A potentially interesting experiment for groups that have something tangible to offer.