4.5 March: Best of the Blogs

We’ve culled through hundreds of posts to bring you our top 10 for the month.

Donating in Response to Disasters
Our hearts go out to the people of Japan. The devastating earthquake and tsunami also served as a grim reminder of the slow recovery efforts in Haiti, the Gulf Coast, and Southeast Asia, to name a few. Great post on how to give – and raise money – responsibly after a disaster.

Call to Funders to Give Up Control
After so many critical conversations about funders setting the agenda for the nonprofit sector, it’s refreshing to read an article written by funders advocating for funders to admit that just because they have money doesn’t mean they get to set the agenda.

AFP Conference 2011 Recap
We typically skip the Association of Fundraising Professionals conference, but the Chronicle of Philanthropy has a dozen posts of highlights (March 21-23) so we can still enjoy Keynote Queen Latifah.

Storytelling: Puppies and babies not needed!
“Storytelling” is a fundraising buzz word, but it can get tricky to implement if you focus on systems change or advocacy, don’t have cute photos, and are concerned about exploiting those you work with. Read helpful tips on how to still tell your story well.

Online Giving Is Up – But Results May Vary
Useful comparison of recent online fundraising data and what benchmarks to use for your own organization

To Do or Not To Do: The Annual Report
GIFT just sent out its 2010 annual report (let us know what you think in the comments!), so this post is really fitting. Great links to ideas for sharing the annual report online beyond the pdf download.

Learning from Customer Service to Better Respond to Donors
Good customer service for our donors is vital. Great stats on why we need to be positive and responsive when addressing donor complaints and needs, and why the worst response is not responding at all.

The Best Use of Facebook
Dashing the hopes of fundraisers everywhere, this post argues that Facebook is better used to build community than raise money, and your fundraising budget may be better spent elsewhere. It also links to 5 groups who are using it well.