5.5 April: Best of the Blogs

We read hundreds of blog posts so you don’t have to. Here are our top 7 picks for April:

Nonprofit Celebrities – and the downfall of “Three Cups of Tea”
(Re-posted from Tactical Philanthropy)
The blogs are abuzz this month with the unfolding saga of Greg Mortensen – charismatic author of bestseller “Three Cups of Tea” and master fundraiser who raised millions for the Central Asia Institute. False accomplishments, fudged facts, financial mismanagement, lack of transparency…Even if you’re not interested, there are some important lessons to be learned.

Using Content to Strengthen Relationships
Wondering how to build stronger relationships with people who view your website or are on your email list? Share content! Your organization probably has information that your audience would find valuable and relevant. Check out the handy chart to see the most effective ways to share your information – and bring your audience in closer.

Nonprofit Newsletter Makeover
After surveying our donors and finding out that most of them wanted a print newsletter from GIFT, we researched what makes a good newsletter. Here’s a great example for how to turn your old newsletter into something that people actually want to read.

Venturing Into Facebook Ads
Yes, those Facebook ads that seem to know who you are can be kinda creepy. But also potentially useful. A quick how-to post on setting up ads for events, services, publications, petitions, or other things you want to publicize. (And you can limit the audience to people who have already “liked” your page to lessen the creepiness factor…By the way, don’t forget to “like” GIFT’s page!)

Make More Money on Your Next Silent Auction
Some easy tips on how to increase the chance that someone will bid on your auction items – simply by improving the item description.

Gleaning Best Practices from Webby Awards Nominees
Take a look at these nonprofit nominees to get ideas and inspiration for how your own organization can improve your online presence. (If you have 4 minutes, I highly recommend “The Majestic Plastic Bag”.)

Just for Fun – A Spoof of Logic Models
(Re-posted from Tactical Philanthropy)
We like to take occasional jabs at the professionalization and corporatization of the nonprofit sector. Loved this spoof from Nonprofit Quarterly.