6.21 Did you miss the deadline?

Re-posted courtesy Nonprofit Association of Oregon:

On June 8, 2011, the IRS released a list of 275,000 organizations that the IRS says are no longer tax-exempt because they did not file legally required documents. If your nonprofit is on this list, your tax-exemption status has been revoked!

How do I know if my organization is on the list?

The IRS has posted excel spreadsheets by state. The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a searchable database.

What should a nonprofit do now that it is no longer tax-exempt? The National Council of Nonprofits has developed a special webpage and tip sheet on options available to organizations. Nonprofits that re-apply may request in a letter to the IRS that the reinstatement of their tax-exempt status be retroactive to the date of their original tax-exempt recognition, but the IRS will grant that request only if it determines that there was “reasonable cause” for the nonprofit to have missed the filing deadlines. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions on the IRS website for requesting “retroactive reinstatement” of your organization’s tax-exempt status.