6.3 May: Best of the Blogs

We read hundreds of posts so you don’t have to. Our top picks for the month of May.

Are you sending too much or too little email?
Finally, a definitive answer!

Taxes, nonprofits, and donors
An interesting study that shows what kind of effect the charitable deduction has on federal budgets. And an interesting campaign led by a coalition of nonprofits to protest state budget cuts.

Rejecting a corporate gift
Inspiring story on a group that rejected a corporate gift – and new and current donors stepped in to make up the shortfall.

Sharing one piece five ways
We have a lot more places we need to share content: newsletters, blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Rather than create new content each time, read this quick post on how to edit and shift your content for each media channel.

Sharing information online
Now that you know how to re-write your content for different communication methods, this post will help you decide which method to use.

The communications arc
Helpful post on how to plan a “communications arc” that will let people know about new projects, keep them apprised as the project develops, and give them the results. Great for when your work is more descriptive rather than easily quantifiable.

Focusing on collecting the donation
We love simplicity. Here are 5 tips on simplifying your online donation page to remove distractions and help donors focus one thing: making the gift.

The 5 questions we should be able to answer
Taking a cue from sales, read what are the 5 toughest questions that donors will ask – and that we should be able to answer

Using video effectively
Links to a bunch of great video examples showing how groups can use video to put a face on the cause, provide an insider’s view, share personal stories, or show the fun side of the work.