Choosing the Right Fundraising Strategy

Dear Kim:

I’ve seen examples of the “Fundraising Ladder of Effectiveness,” which shows that the more personal your fundraising method, the greater your success will be. But to clarify expectations, it would be even more helpful to know what the response rate might be for various fundraising methods. For example, what could be the response rate for a phone-a-thon, or for a renewed membership, or for a fundraising dinner? It would be helpful to have some information on basic rates of return for some of the most common fundraising methods.

Tired of Playing the Guessing Game

Dear Guessing Game,

You are in luck! Mimi Ho, co-author with Stephanie Roth of the Accidental Fundraiser, adapted an article from the Grassroots Fundraising Journal into the following chart, which spells out exactly what you need.

Click here to download a PDF of the chart.

Good luck.

-Kim Klein