Getting Started with Local Fundraising

Dear Kim,

I have just taken over Fundraising Chair for our local Habitat for Humanity chapter. We have been an affiliate for about two years and no one has made any effort to raise money, and now it is up to me. What should I do first?

—One Small Step For Them, One Giant Step for Me

Dear One,

One of my most favorite sayings comes from Millard Fuller, who, as you know, started Habitat. He says, “I have tried raising money by asking for it, and by not asking for it. I always got more by asking for it.” You have the good fortune to belong to one of the best fundraising operations I know about. I would contact the regional or national office for their technical assistance materials, which will be very helpful. You will also want to read Millard’s book, Theology of the Hammer, which has a number of helpful tips and inspiring stories. Those are your first steps. Then, set a goal and get your committee together to begin creating a list of people who like your local chapter, or who would like it if they knew about it and begin asking them. Create a similar list of churches and synagogues, and before long you will have plenty of places to go for money.