Gift Range Chart for Major Donor Campaign

Dear Kim,

How would a gift range chart look for a $1.5 million goal and only 60 potential donors? I’m learning how to put together a gift range chart and would like to see if I’m on the right track. Thanks!
—Charting My Course

Dear Charting,All Categories

Actually 60 qualified prospects is a good number for a $1.5 million goal, if some of the prospects can come in fairly high.

Your chart could look something like this:

1 lead gift @ 20% of the goal or $300,000
2 gifts @ $150,000
3 gifts @ $75,000
5 gifts @ $50,000
10 gifts @ $25,000
10 gifts @ $10,000
31 gifts totalling $1,500,000

With 60 prospects, you would need to average a 50% rate of success, which is what should happen if you have qualified prospects. Prospect identification should be your next step.