Mailing Mistakes

Dear Kim:

We recently mailed out our membership renewals, and a letter was returned with a note saying, “this was mis-sent to me”. I was horrified. And, I’m not sure if the other recipient also received the wrong letter! Should I send her an apology? I was so careful when stuffing these envelopes too, apparently not careful enough though!!


Embarrassed, to say the least!

Dear Embarrassed:

I understand your chagrin, but believe me, this happens all the time. You are carefully stuffing the right letter into the right envelope, but after awhile you are tired. You don’t have enough volunteers and your mind wanders, and, presto, wrong letter in wrong envelope. Most people are very understanding and not upset by this. The donor who returned the letter was actually being very nice, and a thank you is in order: “Thanks so much for letting me know of my mistake—I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Here is the letter I had prepared for you.”

Once in awhile someone is very upset by this—just apologize more profusely, and promise yourself you won’t continue stuffing, folding, licking and sticking, when you are tired. Take a break. And for now, forgive yourself.

~Kim Klein