Major Donors and Public Recognition

Dear Kim,

Our Volunteer Fire Department is currently raising money to purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera. I made brochures and we sent them to every business in town, with sponsorship levels going from $50 to $500. Now someone has donated over $500! How should we let the town know about this gift? We have never done this before and want to do it correctly!

—Bigger May not be Better, but it is more FUN

Dear Bigger,

I would call the donor and thank them profusely, and say that you would like to publicize the gift, since it is the biggest one you have received. Possibly, the donor will not want their gift publicized. Assuming that the donor is cool with being publicized, write a press release for your local paper, and hang a banner in front of your Fire Dept. with the names of all the donors on it by their sponsorship amount. Of course, don’t forget to send a formal written thank you to this person. Word will spread quickly and this may encourage other big gifts. Good work!