Personal vs. Technological

Dear Kim,

Do you have or know of an on-line source for thank you letters?

Thank you,

Dear CyberThanker,

The short answer is NO. My longer answer is that the internet cannot solve problems best solved by applying common courtesy. Thank you notes ought be fairly simple and as personal as possible — thank the person specifically for their gift, i.e. “Thank you so much for your gift of $25.” Then go on to same something the gift will do. “Thanks to you and hundreds of people like you, we can continue to provide free theater in the park — this will be our 10th season!” Many accountants advise adding, “No goods or services were provided for your gift.” Then sign your name, and hand-write, “Thanks again” or “Your ongoing support means a lot to us!” or “Hope your cat, Fluffy, has recovered from her spaying.” (No, you cannot find out from the internet whether this person has a cat named Fluffy.)