Hi Kim:

A board member is hosting a house party in her home this spring. A host committee is identifying prospective donors to invite, and we’re hoping for donations of $250-500–we’re only three years old but believe that we may achieve this. Can we use Evites in addition to printed invitations, or will this turn people off? This will be casual, intimate party (hors d’oeuvres, wine for 70 people) but will also draw people of different generations (and tech capability). Should I send some people Evites and others printed invitations? A couple of the younger board members requested that this for efficiency and also suggested we ask for donations on the Evite. Please tell me what the best decision given that this is a fundraiser.

Virtually Confused


Dear Confused:

Evites are fine. One of my students just threw a house party and raised almost $5,000. She only used Evites. In fact, the prevailing wisdom of one class of graduate students I just taught is that “no one uses paper invitations anymore.” I’m not going to go that far, but I do think this is somewhat generational and depends on the audience’s comfort level and familiarity with technology. Presumably your host committee knows who they are inviting and whether an Evite or a paper invitation makes sense.

A final note: the thank you notes should always be paper and sent by snail mail.
Good luck!

—Kim Klein