6.25 Leadership update from GIFT

Dear Friends,

We are excited to share news about our new staffing structure and team: We’ll now be organizing our work to support social justice fundraisers and movement builders through a shared leadership staffing model!

Past executive directors at GIFT, as is true for most of the executive directors we know and love, have had an unreasonable and unsustainable amount of responsibility placed on them. During our most recent transition of executive directors, GIFT staff have demonstrated leadership in their respective work areas, and together with the GIFT board, have shared what were previously executive responsibilities.  This transition resulted in increased ownership by staff and board, and a deeper commitment to building our collective resources to sustain social justice movements. 

You are important to our success as a supporter and ally of GIFT, and we will hope that this shift in our leadership model furthers the important work that we all care deeply about.  To this end we want you to know who is a part of the GIFT team and how we are growing:

Ryan Li Dahlstrom, who has been GIFT’s training and network coordinator for the last 18 months, will transition to a newly created position of movement building director. Ryan Li will oversee and implement GIFT’s movement building work, including forging strategic partnerships and deepening GIFT’s relationships with external networks. He will also serve as editor of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal and co-lead the program planning of GIFT’s biennial social justice fundraising conference, Money for Our Movements. Nan Jessup will continue in her role as finance & operations director, and Jennifer Emiko Boyden will stay on as communications director.

We’re hiring for two new full-time positions:

  • The resource development director will lead GIFT’s revenue generation activities, including grassroots and institutional fundraising, marketing, and earned income.
  • We are also seeking a training director, who will oversee GIFT’s training programs, including developing curricula, providing training, and managing training contracts.

These are great opportunities for experienced fundraisers and trainers, who are interested in sharing leadership at a social justice organization committed to collaboration, mutual support and sustainability. Both positions are a lot of fun, with frequent interaction with organizations, trainers, and fundraisers around the country.

Feel free to contact our board chair, Steve Lew, if you have any questions or thoughts for GIFT’s board of directors. 

Thanks again for your continuing support and partnership!

In solidarity,

Yee Won Chong, Jennifer Dillon, Jordan T Garcia, Sha Grogan-Brown, Judy Hatcher, Adriana Rocha, & Steve Lew

GIFT Board of Directors

Jennifer Emiko Boyden, Ryan Li Dahlstrom & Nan Jessup

GIFT Staff

P.S. If you haven’t already given toward the upcoming Money for Our Movements conference, happening August 10-11 at the Oakland Marriott, today’s the last day to have your donation doubled by our generous trainers and consultants who packaged together a “challenge grant” to motivate our supporters to give. Please donate today!