7.19 Discussions by & for organizing infrastructure institutions @ GIFT’s Money for Our Movements conference!

Center for Media Justice, DataCenter, GIFT (Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training), and SOUL (School of Unity & Liberation) invite you to join us for an interactive, collaborative, real-time ‘mapping’ of today’s national landscape of organizing infrastructure institutions!

We, the co-convenors, identify as ‘grassroots organizing infrastructure’ institutions of the social justice movement and share a vision of sectoral field-building.

We see ourselves as part of an interrelated movement infrastructure. We believe that thinking of ourselves in this way can only strengthen our work, at practical, political, and strategic levels.

Connecting with each other increases our ability to streamline our work, avoid duplication of efforts, and collaborate in support of shared organizing agendas.

We look forward to exchanging with other capacity-builders and laying new groundwork for strengthening our sector, and in turn our movements.

Join us for one or both of these 2 great discussions! (Hopefully BOTH!)

Happy Hour Pre-Conference Welcoming Reception!
We are hosting a Happy Hour for an informal meet-and-greet at a locally owned Somar Bar! Join us, and bring your organizational information, meet the kindred spirits that occupy the field of grassroots organizing support from around the country – with the hosts of the session!

Thursday, August 9 (the night before the conference begins!)
@Somar Bar (1727 Telegraph Ave. Oakland 94612)
@ 5-7pm

Lunch Discussion

Saturday, August 11  
@ GIFT’s Money for Our Movements conference (in one of the breakout rooms at the Oakland Marriott, 1001 Broadway St Oakland, 94607)
@ 1-2pm
WHO should come to this session?

Staff, Board Members or Volunteers of organizing infrastructure institutions (OII) who:

  1. embraces grassroots organizing as an essential change strategy for social justice
  2. is committed to/interested in sustainability, effectiveness, and organizing impact of OIIs in the interest of strengthening the social justice movement and liberation for our communities
  3. is committed to racial and economic justice, externally, and internally to the organization.
  4. is committed to (and believes in)  the principle of collaboration (working collaboratively whenever possible)
  5. believes in infrastructure (however you define it) as critical – not just learning from how well the Right wing does it – but envisioning what it should look like for sustainable, thriving social justice movement for the long-haul
  6. is committed to participatory process and non-proprietary knowledge development and sharing;
  7. would/likely be interested in exploring/participating in OII organizing as a part of strengthening the org, as well as the movement (dual benefit)
  8. is willing/open to engaging with others from a variety of progressive political perspectives, strategies, and approaches

Looking forward to seeing/meeting you!

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Bring information about your organization! Bring your business cards!
No RSVP Necessary.

For more information, please contact Ryan Li Dahlstrom at ryanli {AT} grassrootsfundraising.org.