7.21 Top ten reasons why you should come to Money for Our Movements!

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The Money for Our Movements conference is right around the corner—here’s our top ten list for why you should register today!

10. You’ll get top-notch fundraising training on online fundraising, boards, special events, databases, and more!

9. Our keynote speakers, Saru Jayaraman and Attica Woodson Scott, will inspire you with new ideas for how we can better sustain our movements by integrating organizing and fundraising.

8. You’ll have to wait until 2014 for the next one!

7. You’ll be able to apply what you learned right away and start building a culture of fundraising at your organization.

6. Our debaters will have you thinking outside of the box about how we can build off the momentum of the Occupy and 99% Movements to advance our work.

5. Kim Klein will bring it all together in her closing keynote on what social justice movements can do to ensure the future is really better for all of us.

4. You will have opportunities to network, share lessons learned, and identify potential areas of collaboration and mutual support with fundraisers and organizers from across the country.

3. For all there is to gain, $250 is a bargain!

2. You will leave with concrete skills, insights, and a renewed commitment to the work after spending two days with hundreds of folks like you who are building resources for social justice!

And finally, the number one reason to come:

1. You can’t afford not to!

Hurry—registration closes July 31st!

Save your spot today!