2.13 Inviting LYBUNTS to Renew Their Support

Dear Kim:

What is a Lie-Bunt?  I have some pro bono consulting from this high powered direct mail and social media person and she told me we have a lot of lie-bunts we should be asking.  I already feel stupid around her and don’t want to ask her what she means.  Do you have any idea? 

~Need Jargon Lessons

Dear Jargon:

Your pro bono consultant needs to stop showing off and starting speaking in plain language.  I hope she is being helpful to you because eroding your self-confidence seems a high price to pay for a little free advice.

A “lie-bunt” is the pronunciation of these letters:  LYBUNT and stands for Last Year But Unfortunately Not This.  LYBUNTs are donors who gave you money in the past but not in the past year.  She is right that the most recent of these—the ones who gave money in 2010 or 2011 but not 2012 are good prospects.  The person mostly likely to give you money is someone who has given money and that is why we re-invite lapsed donors to consider renewing their support.  It will be a worthwhile effort. 

Good luck. 

~Kim Klein