3.9 Texting Donors

Dear Kim:

It is OK to set up a meeting with a major donor by text message?  It feels weird to me, but this donor texts all the time and never answers her phone or responds to email.  She has been a volunteer at our organization but now has a really intense job and can’t volunteer anymore.  We gave her a goodbye party and she specifically said to me, “As soon as I get my first pay check, I want to help.  Get in touch with me in a month or two.”  I have left two voice messages and haven’t heard back. 

Need yr POV.  10Q.  


@TEOTD, my answer is the same as the answer above.  Meet the donor where she is.  If she only responds to texts, then I wouldn’t contact her without texting.  I have set up or confirmed many meetings with texts.  Although I was a late adopter of this technology, I do find it to be useful.  I would suggest texting her with an invitation to get together, though.  She may want to tell you more about her new job and will probably want to hear how everyone is doing at your organization. 

Technology is changing how we stay in touch, and giving us more options for being in touch.  But it is not changing our need to be in touch or our desire to hear from people.   In fact,  because the technology allows us to not have to be on the phone as much, or even in as many meetings as we used to, I think short messages sent by whatever method the donors indicate they respond to become more important than ever.  

So, GFI!