The Impact of Consistent Messaging: Integrating Communications & Fundraising

by Laurene S Francois

Every organization has a story. And that story plays a critical role in fundraising success because it communicates the unique qualities of the work you do and conveys the progress you’ve made towards creating social change from the grassroots.

In GIFT’s recent webinar, “Low-Tech Guide to High-Tech Communications & Fundraising,” featuring GIFT Board member and Western States Center’s Development & Communications Director Yee Wong Chong, Yee Won emphasized the importance of implementing consistent messages within your fundraising campaigns. You can purchase the Webinar-on-Demand now for just $20 here.

Your organization’s story should be consistent and easy to communicate by all stakeholders, board members, staff, volunteers, members, donors, and allies. A successful fundraising campaign is founded on making a strong case for your cause. A consistent message in your fundraising, no matter the medium used to publicize it—e-blast, social networking, website—should answer these key questions:

  • What do we do?
  • Why are we important?
  • How are we unique?
  • What impact do we make?

Finally, it should end with a call to action–a donation ask or signature on a pledge form–which gives the reader a tangible way to show their support.  

By tying your communications to your fundraising initiatives you can ensure your fundraising is grounded in the mission of your organization, speaks to the communities you are working with, and increase the likelihood of reaching your goal. We all come with different stories, backgrounds and cultural experiences, which shape our individual perspectives. We can build stronger relationships with our donors and supporters over the long-term by conveying to them what connects us and how our values are interwoven. We can invite donors and supporters—people who give small amounts and major donors alike—into a dialogue of our shared vision and strategy for creating long-term social change. But first we must clearly articulate our story, and communicate what we’re all about.  

You can learn how to use high-tech tools for fundraising and communications in an integrated way and execute best practices to succeed in your fundraising campaigns by purchasing the Webinar-on- Demand.

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