Each One Reach One

Dear Friends,July-Aug GFJ cover

Like many of the groups our subscribers work at, GIFT is a small nonprofit organization. We get that fundraising ideas highlighted in the Journal need to be easy and affordable to implement, and that we must keep our subscription rates accessible to groups who rely on the Journal to help sustain their important work.

In order to continue publishing the Journal and maintain affordable subscription rates, we need your help to spread the word about this resource.

What’s the Deal?

Now until August 31st, we’re offering a special subscription rate of just $29. If each of you gets just one new subscriber, we’ll double our subscriber base!

Here are some ideas for how you can get the Journal in the hands of more social justice fundraisers:

1. Send out an e-blast to as many people you can think of who would benefit from a Journal subscription—feel free to share your favorite article or digital back issue from the archive!

2. Download this flyer to distribute at your next speaking engagement or workshop.

3. Share this offer on social media.

4. Include this offer in your next blog post/on your website.

5. If you work at an umbrella organization, consider promoting or paying for subscription for your chapters/members.*

6. If you’re a consultant or work at a capacity building organization, encourage your clients to subscribe—or show your appreciation by purchasing gift subscriptions for them.*

7. If you work at a foundation, consider purchasing gift subscriptions for your grantees—it’s a great way to provide them with ongoing technical assistance at a very affordable price!*

*For options 5, 6 and 7, please contact GIFT staffer Nan Jessup: nan@grassrootsfundraising.org or 510-452-4520 X303.

What’s In It For Me?

In addition to that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with connecting friends to a helpful resource (and for helping GIFT out!), we’d like to thank you with a discount on your next Journal subscription. It’s simple. The more subscribers you bring in, the deeper the discount you’ll get:

1-3 new subscribers=25%

4-6 new subscribers=50%

7-10 new subscribers=75%

10 or more new subscribers=Your next year of the Journal is on us!

Just ask folks to list your name and email address on the sign up form here (the referral fields will appear once the $29 subscription button is clicked).

Once the campaign is over, we’ll tally up the numbers and email you your corresponding discount code.

Questions? Shoot me an email or give me a call: 510-452-4520 x302.

With gratitude and appreciation in advance for your assistance,

Jennifer Emiko Boyden

Communications Director, GIFT

Co-Editor, Grassroots Fundraising Journal

510-452-4520 X302


P.S. Remember, this deal is only available through August 31st—please share now!