Consider a gift for GIFT!

Dear Friend,

You sure have been busy this year! 

You’ve helped nearly 300 girls gain self-confidence and break down gender stereotypes, and you’ve provided a lifeline to fundraisers of color working to overcome isolation.  There’s even an immigrant rights organization out there that has an extra $10,000, thanks to YOU.

You might be asking yourself, “Wait, how did I do all that?!” 

Every year, thousands of social justice organizers access fundraising resources through GIFT.  The programs you support at GIFT create impact on three levelsIndividuals, organizations, and social justice movements

From the tiny details to the big picture – your dollars are the seeds that help social justice fundraisers grow big changes in their communities.

Look what’s grown from the seeds you’ve planted.

planting seeds

Individuals – What you didn’t read in “Fundraisers Anonymous” from the September-October 2013 Grassroots Fundraising Journal, is that many fundraisers of color consider GIFT an invaluable resource to help them achieve their work and stay in development:


“GIFT has been a core resource for me, especially in keeping me on track and keeping me in development. (I admit, I was a flight risk for a while.) GIFT is the only organization I’ve seen that validates development work for what it is, and honors our vital role in the movement. GIFT is the well that I go to when I feel isolated or unrecognized.”

~Fundraiser of color at a social justice organization

One fundraiser at an immigrant rights organization in the South told us the skills she learned at GIFT workshops helped her make her first major donor ask for $10,000 – and she got it!

OrganizationsWhat happens when social justice organizations have highly skilled fundraisers who are stable in their jobs?  They are able to make big impacts in their communities.  What results did your gift achieve this year?

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp received a subsidized fundraising training from GIFT, thanks to your generous support.Bay area girls rock camp photo

What did they do with the resources they raised in 2013?

  • Helped 300 girls develop self-confidence, creativity, and teamwork 
  • Provided financial aid to ALL girls who asked for it (no one was turned away)


faith in action photoWe also had the pleasure of providing fundraising training to Faith in Action of Kern County, a network of congregations drawing from faith values of hope, compassion, and social change.

What do Faith in Action organizers do with the money they raise?

  • Engage members on the ground to organize for immigrant rights, foreclosure prevention, and healthier neighborhoods
  • Amplify the voices of community members to advocate for important issues affecting their neighborhoods

Social Justice MovementsAs a GIFT donor, you connect the dots between grassroots fundraising and the bigger picture.  Fundraisers don’t just need skills; they need connection and collaboration with each other.  Here’s what two fundraisers of color had to say:

“The resources and articles are helpful, but what has been most valuable is the network of other fundraisers that GIFT connects me to.”

“I love GIFT. The GIFT conference and brown bags have been most helpful in connecting me with other development staff to brainstorm and commiserate.”something powerful in your hands

Friend, you’ve got something powerful in your hands!

Since you first gave to GIFT, thousands of social justice fundraisers have accessed the resources you’ve help to provide. 

For every one of those people, a chain reaction is created – a major gift is won, or a scholarship is granted to a young girl with sights on music camp.  

That’s the power you set in motion when you support GIFT.

Will you continue your investment in resourcing social justice movements? Renewing your last gift will help keep this motion going.  And giving more will help us reach for even greater heights.

From all of us on the GIFT leadership team, and on behalf of the communities that benefit from your generosity, we thank you.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Emiko Boyden, Communications Director

Ryan Li Dahlstrom, Movement Building Director

Laurene Francois, Training Director

Nan Jessup, Finance & Operations Director        

P.S. Please consider giving to GIFT this fall.  You can donate online at or give us a call at 510-452-4520. You’ve already achieved so much with your last gift; let’s keep this going!