Best Time to Send an Appeal Letter

Dear Kim,

When is the best time to send an appeal by mail? I have read many articles and studies and they all suggest different months for different reasons.

~A simple question

Dear Simple,

The best time to send an appeal is when it is ready. And when should you get the appeal ready? When you need the money. It really is that simple. If you want to complicate things, then consider times of year when you will have a lot of competition, such as December and either join the fray or avoid that month. Avoid August as no one is paying attention to anything then. The fact is that it is hard to find a time that is not crowded with other appeals or is not taken up by some other concern—an election, a natural disaster, a weather event, a mass murder, etc. You cannot possibly plan around all the variables which is why you have to ask several times a year and in several different ways.

Best of luck,