What’s the Most Common Fundraising Strategy Around the World?

Dear Kim,

You have been to a lot of countries. What is the most common strategy people use to raise money for NGOs around the world?

~Curious George

Dear George,

The most common strategy is asking each other, but the most common team strategy is, hands down, special events. People like to socialize, they like to have a good time, they like to be entertained, and if they can do all that and do good as well, they are very happy. The problem with special events, as any development person knows, is the pressure on the event to simply raise money. If all you need is money and you don’t need to bring people together, gain visibility, build power among your constituents, bring in new donors, or make people feel appreciated for what they have done for your organization, then don’t do an event. Events get a bad rap because organizations do them for the wrong reasons, but done well, for the right reasons, there is nothing like a great event and that is why events will always be the hands-down favorite strategy.

~Kim Klein