Elections & Year-End Fundraising

Dear Kim,

What effect do you think the elections will have on year-end fundraising? I am trying to pick a stance for the board meeting and don’t know whether to go with sanguine or anxious.  

~Seriously, though.

Dear Though,

This is the first Dear Kim in months that has made me laugh.   Does your decision affect what you wear? What you order for dinner? “Seriously, though,” I would just go with the plan you should have in place right now, which I hope is already underway. If you are doing important work and you have a base of donors, a large cross section of them will give between now and the end of the year. I would try to see as many long time and major donors as possible in November and early December. Mobilize the board members to help as much and as best as they can. I really think that organizations that stay the course are going to be fine, and your ability to have such humor in these times makes me think you are working for such an organization.

~Kim Klein