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Goodbye from Claudia

This is my last post on the GIFT blog, at least for now.I’ve been at it for a year and am about to embark on a 4-month sabbatical. It is courtesy of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation which awards 5 of these to nonprofit leaders every year, and it couldn’t come at a better time […]

5.26 The Vulnerability of the Ask

Sometimes you can only learn the hard way. The fundraising training and call night we’d carefully planned a few weeks fell flat when hardly anyone signed up to join us. We had come up with a great idea. A good friend and fan of the organization offered to share her considerable skills as a grassroots […]

4.28 Adopting Moves Management

A smart and caring member of our Fundraising Committee recently introduced us to the idea of “moves management.” Truthfully, if this concept had come from any number of other folks I might have been a bit dismissive. In brief, moves management is a way to systematically analyze your donor base and create relationship and communication […]

3.29 Making Site Visits More Human

When I first started raising money from institutional funders I usually found myself in a posture of nervousness, insecurity, and sometimes, even, subservience. It was too easy to forget what I knew. I wanted to be what they were looking for so there was no way I could really be “me.” This led to ineffective […]

3.17 Sharing the Work of Worry

Over the past three years, I went through periods of time when I woke up as many as two or three nights each week with deep anxiety about cash flow and fundraising. Some of this may be inevitable for any grassroots or nonprofit leadership role, particularly in economic times that have crunched most of us […]

2.15 The Yoga of Fundraising

In the Yoga Sutras, there are five roots of suffering: (1) ignorance – forgetting that we are rooted in source; (2) ego – a feeling of separateness, the amplification of the “I;” (3) greed – craving a desired result in the future; (4) aversion – recoiling or repulsion; and (5) fear. These are the mind-states […]

12.16 Redefining Wealth – Part 2

On Sunday Nov 21 we experimented with a new fundraiser, “Redefining Wealth, Giving Thanks” and it raised $8,500…from a crowd of only 30 people! When I first mentioned the theme to a close colleague who was slated to do the “ask,” she replied directly to me (via email): I’ll speak on the theme. But to […]

11.17 Redefining Wealth, Giving Thanks

This weekend at The Stone House, we’re doing a community event and fundraiser called “Redefining Wealth, Giving Thanks.” The inspiration came after I went to a couple of events hosted by other nonprofits in our area that were designed to cultivate donors. These are both organizations I like a lot and that we collaborate with. […]

10.19 Past, Present, Future

I’ve been thinking a lot about storytelling these days – the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell about our work, the way stories about the world are shaped and the stories we share to engage greater giving.  I’ve been reading The Power of Story by Jim Loehr.  He works in the corporate sector […]

9.7.10 Can You Tell a Sweet Story of Budget Cuts?

We are living in the era of budget cuts and they present a unique opportunity for the psyche of any fundraiser. The economic crisis (for lack of a better term) has impacted us in a myriad of ways – layoffs, organizational mergers, shifts in program priorities, and more. They’re not new of course, but more […]