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5.10 Social Media and Fundraising: Our Great Experiment

May/June 2011 Technology & Communications: Creative Strategies for Grassroots Groups Social Media & Fundraising: Our Great Experiment by Darshan Khalsa The constituency of Choice USA, a youth-led organization working for reproductive justice, is online 24/7. Challenging itself to keep up, the group turned to social media to turn out a record number of attendees for […]

5.5 April: Best of the Blogs

We read hundreds of blog posts so you don’t have to. Here are our top 7 picks for April: Nonprofit Celebrities – and the downfall of “Three Cups of Tea” (Re-posted from Tactical Philanthropy) The blogs are abuzz this month with the unfolding saga of Greg Mortensen – charismatic author of bestseller “Three Cups of […]

4.21 EPIP Conference Report Back

By Ryan Li Dahlstrom & Ash Hammond We just returned from the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) National Conference in Philadelphia. The conference brought together the next generation of grantmakers and organizers within philanthropy from across the country who are interested in advancing social justice philanthropy. We’re excited to share some of what we learned […]

4.19 Launching Generate :: Participate :: Liberate!

2011 is a momentous year for us. The Grassroots Fundraising Journal turns 30 years old and GIFT celebrates its 15th anniversary! It’s also the 5th anniversary of our decision to merge these 2 great organizations. This year also marks my 5th (and final) year as director of GIFT. To celebrate, we’re launching a fundraising campaign […]

4.7 Raise $50,000 in Six Weeks

How to Raise $50,000 in 6 Weeks A GIFT Webinar Featuring Kim Klein April 27, 2011 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET In this fast paced webinar, Kim Klein details one of the most important ideas in fundraising today: bringing volunteers together for a short specific intensive campaign, and then letting them go for the rest […]

4.5 March: Best of the Blogs

We’ve culled through hundreds of posts to bring you our top 10 for the month. Donating in Response to Disasters Our hearts go out to the people of Japan. The devastating earthquake and tsunami also served as a grim reminder of the slow recovery efforts in Haiti, the Gulf Coast, and Southeast Asia, to name […]

3.31 Honoring César Chávez

Today we celebrate César Chávez Day. Here’s a guest post from Mike Roque, a longtime organizer and fundraiser, and GIFT’s first Executive Director. by Mike Roque César Chávez was born March 31, 1927 in Yuma, AZ. Eight states currently celebrate César Chávez Day along with many cities. One day, Chávez will be the first Latino […]

3.22 Brecht Forum Conference Report Back

By Ryan Li Dahlstrom I recently returned from New York City after attending the Brecht Forum’s Grassroots Fundraising Conference. GIFT had the honor and privilege of collaborating with FIERCE staff and members (Ash, Azriel, and Laurene) in co-developing a workshop titled “Dealing with the “-isms” as We Build Resources for our Movements”. You know and […]

3.10 What to Do If You Are in a Financial Crisis

Feature Article from Mar/Apr 2011 Grassroots Fundraising Journal Hanging in the Balance: Grassroots Groups Overcoming Financial Crises In Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times, Kim Klein explained how to survive and thrive in unstable economic times. This excerpt adapted from that book focuses on how to assess whether your organization is in a crisis and what […]

3.3 February: Best of the Blogs

We’ve culled through hundreds of fundraising posts to bring you our 8 favorites for the month: Letting Program Drive Fundraising A short post showing that people who are asked to take action or give time are more likely to give money in the future. So don’t be afraid to ask volunteers, rally-goers, and petition signers […]